My mother met her favourite actress Mumtaz

London graced us with a splendid day, and our primary agenda was a visit to Marks and Spencer, my mother’s beloved shopping haven. Since Toronto, Canada, lacks a Marks and Spencer, London becomes our exciting destination every six months, granting my mother the opportunity to stock up on her favorite goodies.

Armed with our hands laden with an impressive haul of 30 to 40 items from Marks and Spencer, it was me who happened to spot Mumtaz, who casually passed by me. My immediate reaction was to sprint to my mother and share my suspicion that I had just seen Mumtaz. My mom, who typically strolls at her own pace, suddenly exhibited superhuman speed as she chased after her cherished actress.

The most delightful part of the encounter was Mumtaz’s graciousness in taking the time to engage with my mother and all of us. Our conversation flowed effortlessly, and each passing minute seemed to stretch into an hour as we conversed. Mumtaz shared stories about her favorite Pakistani actors and expressed her desire to visit Pakistan someday. Throughout, she conversed with my mom as if they were long-lost friends. After a memorable half-hour that felt like an entire day, we bid farewell, and then we all needed a breather. Fortunately, Marks and Spencer had a seating area near the shoe section, where we settled in for a well-deserved half-hour respite before proceeding to the checkout counter. My mom’s heart brimmed with happiness, having met one of her most cherished celebrities, and thus concluded our remarkable trip to London.