Lahore Dazzles with Mr., Mrs., and Miss Pakistan Winners

Lahore has long been acquainted with the allure of beauty queens, with the inception of the Miss Pakistan World pageant in 2020 marking a significant milestone. Areej Chaudhary made history as the inaugural Miss Pakistan World to be crowned on Pakistani soil, sparking a trend of crowning Miss/Ms./Mrs./Mr. Pakistan winners in the city.

Exactly one year ago, on May 31, 2023, the Coronation Ceremony unfolded at the prestigious Grand Palm Hotel in Lahore. This year, on May 31, 2024, the ceremony was at the Falettis Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan.

The final victors arrived from various corners of the globe, including the UK, USA, The Netherlands, and New Zealand, complemented by a cadre of local winners from Pakistan.

Sonia Ahmed, the visionary behind Miss Pakistan, Mrs. Pakistan, and Mr. Pakistan, expressed, “We embarked on this journey gradually, aiming to firmly embed the pageant culture in Pakistan. It has taken time, but our commitment over the past four years has been unwavering. We’ve been steadfast in our resolve to steer clear of controversy and prioritize grassroots efforts within Pakistan. Working within Pakistan has been immensely rewarding, and we continually strive to elevate the event each year. The diverse origins of this year’s contestants exemplify a significant milestone for us.”

Adding to the grandeur of the occasion, this year’s guest queens include Dr. Shafaq Akhtar – Miss Pakistan Universal 2022 and Warda Muneeb Rao – Miss Pakistan Global 2023.