Teotihuacan & Xochimilco, Mexico – Thousands of Years Old

Teotihuacan is an ancient Mesoamerican city located in the State of Mexico. From 200 BC to year 0,  Teotihuacan was formed on the ...

Mexico City was a breathtaking experience!

I chose Mexico City, because I wanted to experience the Day of the Dead celebrations. So I took 10 days ...

Dubai Celebrity Life!

Met a few Indian Celebrities in Dubai!

Met several Pakistani stars!

Lovely meeting Mr. Jawed Sheikh, Shoaib Malik, Aima Baig and many more in Karachi, Pakistan!

Rauf Lala Comedian in Karachi, Pakistan

Going to Karachi, Pakistan was the best decision of my life. I enjoyed Karachi so much that there are no ...

Istanbul, Turkey a fun place!!!

I had always wanted to go to Turkey, it seemed so exotic and unique. And finally, I packed my bags ...

Spain – Can’t get over it!

I have over 400 photos of Spain, and I keep thinking that I need to share at least a few ...

Madrid, Spain – Shop till you drop on Gran Via ...

When I was in Barcelona, Spain in the summer of 2017, a salesgirl told me that there is no place ...

From Valletta to Gozo in Malta!

I had one of the nicest experiences in Malta! Since I am a pilgrimage junkie, I visited the Lady of ...

Beauty Unveilded Jasmine Singh, The Tribune, Dec. 5

Beauty Unveilded Jasmine Singh, The Tribune, Dec. 5 , 2011 ‘Sorry, could you repeat that again. Miss Pakistan World.’ We tried to ...