Mrs./Ms./Miss Pakistan 2023 Event in Lahore

Initially, my intention was to organize the event in Karachi; however, the warmth and hospitality of Lahore pulled my attention back to it. Consequently, we chose to hold the Miss Pakistan 2023 pageant ceremony at the splendid Grand Palm Hotel in Lahore. I often reflect on the notion of taking gradual steps, akin to a toddler’s journey. Our inaugural crowning took place in 2020, also in Lahore, where a photograph sufficed to convey the essence of the ceremony due to the prevailing COVID circumstances. This approach resonated with many worldwide, given the prevailing global situation. With Miss Trans Pakistan, we advanced, conducting a more comprehensive event with media presence. This experience paved the way for a more elaborate ceremony in January 2022, hosted at Alladin’s Lounge Restaurant in Gulberg. This step fortified our foundation, energizing us to further refine our events in terms of venue and attendance. The subsequent event attracted 50-60 media outlets, marking a significant milestone in Lahore.

The contestants, brimming with anticipation, were met with an unexpected surge of media attention. Although overwhelming, they admirably managed to accommodate numerous interviews. The experience was fulfilling, and my pride swells for these young women who are now fully immersed in preparing for international pageants in the months ahead. Each step is a boon, and I find contentment in the achievements I’ve garnered thus far.