Dublin, Venice, Milan, London


There were precisely two years during which my travel plans were thwarted by the constraints of Covid-19. However, when circumstances finally allowed for safe travel, my mother, sister, and I embarked on a long-awaited journey to Europe. Our dream had always been to explore the enchanting cities of Milan and Venice, and so we set forth on our adventure, which commenced in Dublin, continued through Milan and Venice, and culminated in London.

Milan welcomed us with its warm and cozy ambiance, but Venice offered a unique experience—one that requires an affinity for travel over water, given the absence of solid ground. It was a bit chilly, and, as is my usual luck, I caught a cold. Nevertheless, I persevered, and by the fifth day, I was back in high spirits. London, on the other hand, was a shopping haven, as we hadn’t indulged in retail therapy for three years. For us, London also signifies a culinary paradise, where we savor a wide array of delectable cuisines. Overall, it was a joyful experience.

A particularly delightful moment occurred when we unexpectedly encountered my mother’s favorite actress, Mumtaz, at Holt Renfrew in London, UK. The encounter brought immense joy to my mother and added a special touch to our trip. Here are some cherished photos from our journey.