Miss/Mr./Mrs. Pakistan 2022 in Lahore

Yes, the headline is correct! I created Miss and Mr. Pakistan as well as Mrs. Pakistan in Lahore and the ceremony took place on the 31st of January 2022.

How I did it, is still confusing but one thing led to another and voila…. we had a show on the SOIL OF PAKISTAN! It took me 20 years to muster up the courage and do it!

It also took 6 dedicated contestants as well as 3 previous winners to support this event in Lahore and a couple of our winners from overseas who provided us moral support! The 9 titleholder plus our moral supporters framed this event with me!

I thank Shyraa Roy, Miss Trans Pakistan 2022 and Saman Shah, Ms. Pakistan Universe 2022 who were the main backbone for my event!

We finished 6 weeks of training for the 6 contestants and then they were awarded certificates along with the medals for the Pageantary Foundation Course completion.

Miss Pakistan, Mr. Pakistan and Mrs. Pakistan – Lahore Edition

On the 31st of January, 2022 the event was hosted by Miss Trans Pakistan 2021/2022 – Shyraa Roy and Ejaz Waris. The media of Lahore went crazy with the crowning ceremony of the winners and everyone was just in awe. The event was attended by Areej Chaudhary – Miss Pakistan World & Saman Shah – Ms. Pakistan Universe!

The winners of the Lahore Edition are as follows:

  1. Dr. Shafaq Akhtar – Miss Pakistan Universal 2022
  2. Alamdar Khan – Mr. Pakistan Universal 2022
  3. Sana Hayat – Miss Pakistan Global 2022
  4. Muhammad Umer – Mr. Pakistan Global 2022
  5. Nida Khan – Mrs. Pakistan World 2022
  6. Attaullah Gujjar – Mr. Pakistan World 2022

The event has been getting non stop media since the 31st of January 2022 and its been one month exactly and the media keeps growing bigger and bigger for the winners!

Lots of things have happened ever since! Three of our winners, Shafaq Akhtar- Miss Pakistan Universal, Nida Khan – Mrs. Pakistan World 2022 and Attaullah Gujjar, Mr. Pakistan World 2022 all had an amazing welcome by our army at the WAGA Border and all I can say is that I am happy and content with everything!