First Lollywood production in Toronto, Canada

In 2016, from April to September, I took a big leap into an exciting venture that landed right here in Canada—a Lollywood film featuring experienced and respected actors. My attention and energy were fully absorbed by the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready before filming and then going through the actual process of making the movie. These months became a significant phase of growth and learning, especially since it was my first time collaborating with seasoned actors. While there were definitely moments that made my heart race with anxiety, in the end, the experience shaped me into a stronger and more perceptive professional. Those intense six months turned into a period of intense effort and unwavering dedication, leaving me with priceless lessons that continue to guide my journey in filmmaking.

I often liken the experience to sketching a creative map and fitting all the scenes together like puzzle pieces. Those months felt a lot like completing a specialized course, giving me valuable insights into the intricate workings of filmmaking. Working alongside a diverse group of talented artists was an incredible chance to learn how to navigate different personalities, a skill that I still carry with me today.

The highlight of this adventure was undoubtedly the privilege of collaborating with Mr. Qavi Khan—a true master in his field. He generously shared his vast knowledge, spending time mentoring me and explaining the finer points of the craft. The treasure trove of wisdom I gained from him has become a guiding force propelling me toward even greater accomplishments in my future projects. While only time will reveal the exact path my future takes, my optimism remains unshaken, and I’m ready to embrace whatever opportunities come my way.