Istanbul, Turkey a fun place!!!

I had always wanted to go to Turkey, it seemed so exotic and unique. And finally, I packed my bags and visited Istanbul, Turkey. It was very populated, as the cars, and people were very much similar to Pakistan. I felt I was in Karachi, Pakistan. But their clothes were different, as they were western attire mostly, even though I did spot a few Pakistani Shalwar Kameez wearing people, who were Pakistanis living in Turkey.

I was very much interested in Hagia Sofia as it was something unique and enjoyed my tour there. The Blue Mosque is best viewed from outside as inside its a simple mosque. But the best part of Turkey was the shopping, at the Grand Bazaar! That’s when you know you are in an exotic location and you really see what Turkey Souvenirs are all about!

Here are some of the photos of my trip: