Lisbon, Portugal – Another place I just chose on the map!

Sometimes, I just choose a country, out of learning about it or just for checking it out. I knew that Portugal is often a forgotten country, as people usually rush to Italy or Spain! So I thought let me try something out of the ordinary and choose Portugal! Lisbon is a beautiful city, a city some day I may buy a summer home in! It’s full of oranges and lemons! What a beautiful site it was for me to see oranges and lemons all over the city! A busy city, and a city that has a lot to offer!

I enjoyed my stay at Hotel Mundial and it was right about 5 minutes away from Bairro Alto area of Lisbon which is very hilly! I did however go to the House of Fado, where I enjoyed the very expensive but worth it food which was as fresh as it can ever be! Fado is similar to Flamenco music but still very different in beats! When I was in Barcelona, Spain it was a tremendous treat to watch good looking men dance to Flamenco! But when I was at the Fado Music House, it was a treat to see the show stopper being a hefty gorgeous powerfully voiced woman! I really enjoyed Fado! Fado means Faith and this kind of music speaks of life, struggles and passion! I saw so much passion in the voice, that I am in love with Fado! Fado originated in the early 1800 in Portugal and is the music of the heart and the music of “longing” in life! A window into the soul is what Fado is! I was not allowed to take photos in respect for the singers who were so concentrated that flash lights would have disturbed them! imagine, no photos! I was going crazy, so all I can do is explain what Fado meant to me!

As I said, Lisbon is a beauty for what it offers! Don’t get me wrong, I love Rome, Florence as well as Barcelona! But Lisbon is simple and easy to understand! And it has Fado! I could listen to Fado all day! I miss it! So I sit and listen to it on my laptop, going deep into my life of various experiences, boyfriends and heart breaks and struggles! Plus having the hope of a life full of happiness and peace! So Fado is Fado and I am glad to have learned about it in my lifetime! Thank you Lisbon and thank you Fado!