A breathtaking view of Florence, Italy

Florence is a city that needs a lot of time to take in! I wish I could have spent more time in Florence, but Rome itself was a handful! Anyways, it was a beauty and I thoroughly enjoyed the breathtaking views of this gorgeous city. There is so much history there and the fact that every great inventor, artist and philosopher are all buried in one cathedral is just great!!!

I mean imagine the great Michelangelo whose burial place is Santa Croce, Florence, Italy!

There was so much history to take in and so much to learn that my brain used to hurt, yet I learned and learned as much as I could. I am so thankful to see Michelangelo’s work of art and sculpture. I was so excited to bear witness to every patch of this city as life is so little and the world is so huge! But whatever I could register in that little time, I did and it was incredible!