Panama is a comfortable place!

In November 2019, marking my final flight before the onset of this pandemic, I opted to journey to Panama. The allure of warm climes during winter beckoned, prompting my choice. Throughout the year, my travel compass steered me across numerous months—January, February, March, April, August, September, October, and November. However, the months of May, June, July, and December remained untouched due to Canada’s captivating summer and the bustling, costly December period for voyages.

My expedition to Panama unfurled a distinctive narrative; an English-speaking world intertwined with a Spanish-speaking essence. Exotic rainforests coexisted harmoniously with towering urban structures. Amidst the realm flourished unique fauna, accompanied by a diverse array of international eateries. The backdrop of a mesmerizing ocean horizon was complemented by the renowned Panama Canal and a plethora of splendid malls.

The fabric of this Latin American voyage encapsulated my ideals, amalgamating every aspiration into a singularly enchanting panorama—Panama.

Exploring Panama City proved captivating, coupled with a sojourn at the Gamboa Rainforest Reserve Resort, immersing me within a realm of exotic creatures and lush wilderness. Panama’s culinary offerings were exemplary, with seafood delicacies, aromatic coffee, and sumptuous chocolates delighting my senses. A venture into grocery stores yielded a rewarding experience, akin to an exotic rendition of Canada where English was the lingua franca and perpetual warmth replaced frigid temperatures. Subsequent journeys to Mexico and Panama only stoked my yearning to traverse deeper into South America. As time permits, I aspire to traverse lands like Argentina, Peru, and possibly Chile or Venezuela—a prospect that awaits.

Enclosed herein are select photographs from my camera, the remainder residing within my phone’s memory. Kindly pardon any perspiration-adorned visuals, a testament to the sultry yet breathtaking climate I encountered.