Panama is a comfortable place!

In November 2019, which was my last flight, before this pandemic, I chose to visit Panama, only because I am forever looking for warm countries to visit during the winter times. I think in a year, the months that I have travelled are January, February, March, April, August, September, October and November. I did not travel in the months of May, June, July or December and the main reason for that was because the summers in Canada are beautiful and December is just a very busy and expensive month to travel.

When I travelled to Panama, it was a different experience because, I saw a world that spoke English, yet was Spanish! They had exotic rainforests yet had high-rise buildings. They had unique animals everywhere, yet had international restaurants everywhere. And on top of everything, they had a breathtaking view of the Ocean and for a bonus they had the famous Panama Canal plus amazing malls!

So being in this part of Latin America was everything that I was looking for in one beautiful country – Panama.

It was amazing to explore Panama City and I also spent some time at the¬†Gamboa Rainforest Reserve Resort, which gave me an a glimpse of all the exotic animals and the rainforest! The food in Panama, was excellent, as I enjoyed the fresh seafood as well as the coffee and chocolates there. I did a little groccery shopping in the departmental stores and it was overall a good experience. It was as though I was living in exotic Canada where everyone spoke English and it was warm all the time instead of the cold weather. Ever since I have travelled to Mexico and Panama, I want to explore more of South America! As time permits, I would like to visit Argentina, Peru and maybe Chile or Venezuela! Let’s see!

Here are some of the photos from my camera, rest are in the phone. Sorry for the sweaty photos, as it was hot and humid yet just incredible!