From Valletta to Gozo in Malta!

I had one of the nicest experiences in Malta! Since I am a pilgrimage junkie, I visited the Lady of Ta’Pinu in the island of Gozo, Malta. And it was one of the best experiences of my life! I will visit it once more if life permits! Maltese people are all beautiful, lovely and nice! And the best thing is that they all speak English. The most surprising thing about the Maltese language is that it is very close to Arabic, infact I could understand them sometimes.

They are all Catholics and there are over 300 churches in Malta, plus they have their own saints as well. Saint Paul (one of the apostle’s of Jesus Christ) had his ship wrecked in Malta and hence discovered it. The one thing I did do was speak to the locals and every one that I met had good morals, were kind, and were always ready to help which was very very nice. The men had manners unlike what I see here in Canada, where every man is cold as they don’t even hold the door any more for a woman! So Maltese people were different! I liked it! And I know it has something to do with their strong Christian upbringing!

Valletta is the capital of Malta, and it is very hilly yet very beautiful. I enjoyed my stay in Valletta, as I kept shopping! And I also visited Rabat and Mdina cities and they too were historically beautiful!!

I know a lot of people don’t visit Malta usually, but I will never forget my trip to Malta, as I visited Mosta Dome, Ta’Pinu and enjoyed Valletta!