My time in Dubai, UAE!

I had a great number of days in Dubai, UAE. Well, this was not my first visit! I had come to Dubai atleast 5 times before. Dubai was a city which was in my backyard, as I was born in Kuwait and it was in between Kuwait and Pakistan. So whenever I would fly by Emirates to Pakistan, I would have a little visit in Dubai. Sometimes, to meet my father’s family who lived in Sharjah, UAE and sometimes just for a little mini vacation before my Pakistan vacation. As a Pakistani passport holder, at that time, Dubai was a great treat! But what Dubai has become now, is completely different.!

I had started visiting Dubai since 1989 onwards and I remember staying at a hotel and enjoying the food. After that Dubai was a fun stopover destination for me and my family!

This time, I really wanted to see all of Dubai. I had done the Desert Safari in 2008, so this time my focus was places and areas. From Deira, to Bur Dubai, to Marina and Jumeriah as well as Sharjah, I enjoyed all these places. I actually visited all these places 2 times atleast and also did hte touristist stuff. I saw all the malls, from Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates as well as Dubai Outlet Mall. I took the water taxi as well. I visited the Spice Souk, the Gold Souk and indulged in buying so much Saffron that this whole year I will be eating and breathing Saffron! But all in all, the best part was meeting people, who I never got to meet before. It was great bonding and enjoying their company! Dubai is a magnet for people like me who are born in the Khaleej, as we only know what it is to be born on that land. I am blessed to see the life Kuwait gave me, and I am blessed to keep that bond alive with the Khaleej. It was a fulfilling experience!