My time in Dubai, UAE!

I had the opportunity to spend a substantial number of days in Dubai, UAE. This wasn’t my maiden visit; I had ventured to Dubai on at least five previous occasions. Dubai had always felt like a city within arm’s reach, considering my birth in Kuwait and its location between Kuwait and Pakistan. Whenever I flew with Emirates to Pakistan, I’d often carve out a brief stopover in Dubai. Sometimes it was to connect with my father’s family residing in Sharjah, UAE, and occasionally it was a quick mini-vacation before my journey to Pakistan. Back then, Dubai was a delightful indulgence for a Pakistani passport holder. However, the Dubai of today has evolved into something entirely different.

My first visits to Dubai date back to 1989, and I distinctly recall staying at a hotel and relishing the local cuisine. Subsequently, Dubai became a charming stopover for my family and me.

This time around, I was eager to explore every facet of Dubai. While I had previously experienced the Desert Safari in 2008, my focus on this trip was to immerse myself in the various neighborhoods and locales. From Deira to Bur Dubai, Marina to Jumeirah, and even venturing into Sharjah, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in these diverse places. In fact, I had the privilege of visiting each location at least twice, engaging in all the tourist attractions. I wandered through the grand malls—Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, and Dubai Outlet Mall. I even hopped aboard the water taxi. The Spice Souk and the Gold Souk were part of my explorations, and I indulged in purchasing so much saffron that I am set for a year of culinary adventures infused with its aroma. Above all, the most rewarding aspect was the connections I forged with people whom I hadn’t met before. Building bonds and relishing their companionship was truly enriching.

Dubai serves as a magnetic hub for individuals like me, who hail from the Khaleej region. We understand the unique essence of being born on this land. I consider myself fortunate to have experienced the life Kuwait offered me and to sustain that enduring connection with the Khaleej. This journey was a deeply fulfilling and gratifying experience.