Amalfi Coast & Positano City, Italy!

It was a great feeling seeing two areas of Italy, Amalfi Coast and Positano! It was amazing!!!! The only thing I did not do was swim in the waters which I will do in the future. There was a great story attached to Positano and it was about the icon of the Black Madonna which was stolen by the pirates. It was here that the sailors heard a voice “Posa Posa,” and hence took the icon to the city of Positano and laid it there. The church of Santa Maria still exits!

Everywhere I went, I saw lemons and lemons every 1 minute. It is called the Lemon City. Also amongst the lemons grew oranges, limes, grapes, Pomegranates and beautiful green olives. The green Olives were so yummy. I never tasted such beauties in my life. I will always remember Positano and will go there once again in my life!!!!