Sonia Ahmed Shoot 2012

Photographer – Azmeree Location – Brampton, Ontario  

More of Bollywood

Here are some more photos of some well known personalities from Bollywood.

Meeting Bollywood Celebrities

Over the years I have always had the privilege of meeting well known people from around the world. Here is a glimpse.

Cricket Tournament 2008 in Toronto

It was the best time meeting all the cricketers from Pakistan. Had a blast.

Sonia Ahmed Shoot 2011

Photographer – Al Location – Toronto, Canada

Meeting President Musharraf

Location – Washington, DC USA Year – 2009 It was one of the best days of my life to see President Musharraf in real. It ...

Sonia Ahmed Shoot 2011

Photographer – Neo Photography Location  – Toronto, Canada

Sonia Ahmed Shoot 2011

Photographer – Sunil Bansal Location  –  India